origin of replication

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or·i·gin of rep·li·ca·tion

a sequence of the bacterial genome required for the initiating of a replicating fork by leading strand synthesis.
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origin of replication (ori)

the specific site on a DNA MOLECULE where REPLICATION is initiated.
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Vignette #1: The tRNA tag hypothesis and the origin of replication
The scientists used this technique to label an area near the origin of replication, a well-kn own site on bacterial chromosomes.
A significant base substitution or insertion in an origin of replication is an example of such a mutation.
Downstream from the IR, identity was found with a portion of plasmid R751 (positions 9796 to 9947, numbering according to GenBank accession number U67194), located in the vicinity of the oriV vegetative origin of replication.

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