ureteric orifice

(redirected from orificium ureteris)

u·re·ter·ic or·i·fice

the opening of the ureter in the bladder, situated one at each lateral angle of the trigone; wide gaping of the ostium usually indicates vesicoureteral reflux.

ureteric orifice

The opening of the ureter into the bladder.
See also: orifice


1. the entrance or outlet of any body cavity.
2. any foramen, meatus or opening.
The names of most orifices are self-defining, e.g. atrioventricular, preputial. See also ostium.

atrioventricular orifice
the opening between the atria and ventricles.
cecocolic orifice
aperture through which the cecum connects with the colon.
ileocolic orifice
the communicating orifice between the ileum and the colon.
infundibular orifice
slit-like orifice at the ovarian end of the avian oviduct; positioned near the ovary so that it can grasp the newly extruded oocyte.
intrapharyngeal orifice
the orifice between the nasopharynx and oropharynx which is bounded by the palatopharyngeal arches.
nasomaxillary orifice
the slit-like opening between the maxillary sinus and the middle meatus of the nasal cavity.
omasoabomasal orifice
large, oval opening at the end of the omasal canal which communicates with the abomasum.
oviductal orifice
a slit-like opening in the avian urodeum.
pyloric orifice
aperture between the stomach and duodenum; opens infrequently, solely for the passage of ingesta.
ureteric orifice
paired orifices in the neck of the bladder.