oriental sore

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cu·ta·ne·ous leish·man·i·a·sis

infection with promastigotes (leptomonads) of Leishmania tropica and of Leishmaniasis major inoculated into the skin by the bite of an infected sandfly, Phlebotomus (commonly P. papatasii); it is endemic to parts of Asia Minor, northern Africa, and India, and is known by innumerable names, including tropical sores, tropical ulcers, and other indications of locality (for example, Aleppo, Baghdad, Delhi, or Jericho boil; Aden ulcer; Biskra button); the ulcer begins as a papule that enlarges to a nodule and then breaks down into an ulcer. Leishmanial cells are seen within histiocytes in hematoxylin and eosin-stained tissue sections. Two distinctive clinical and epidemiologic diseases are recognized: the more common and widespread zoonotic rural disease with a moist acute form, caused by L. major, with reservoir rodent hosts, and an urban, anthroponotic, dry, chronic form of leishmaniasis caused by Leishmaniasis tropica, without a reservoir host, and now largely controlled. See: zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis, anthroponotic cutaneous leishmaniasis.
See also: diffuse cutaneous leishmaniasis.
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1. Tender; painful.
2. Any type of tender or painful ulcer or lesion of the skin or mucous membrane.

bed sore

Pressure ulcer

canker sore

Aphthous ulcer.

cold sore

A thin-walled blister at the junction of the mucous membranes of the mouth and lips. It is caused by recurrent infection with herpes simplex virus (HSV) in those who have antibodies to HSV. Treatment is recommended only for immunocompromised patients, who are given acyclovir.
See: fever blister

Delhi sore

Cutaneous leishmaniasis.

desert sore

An ulcer of the skin of the arms or legs, sometimes caused by diphtheria or staphylococci, typically contracted in Australia or Burma.

hard sore

A syphilitic chancre; primary lesion of syphilis.

jungle sore

Infection of the skin or of poorly tended wounds by Corynebacterium diphtheriae, esp. in warm, moist, tropical climates.

Oriental sore

Cutaneous leishmaniasis.
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pressure sore

Pressure ulcer.illustration

primary sore

The initial sore or hard chancre of syphilis.

soft sore


soft venereal sore

A former name for

tropical sore

Cutaneous leishmaniasis.

wine sore

A slang term for a superficial infected area of the skin seen in alcoholics with poor personal hygiene. It is erroneously thought to be due to specific action of the wine.
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oriental sore

LEISHMANIASIS of the skin. This is a tropical condition caused by the single-celled microscopic parasite Leishmania tropica and transmitted by the bite of the sandfly. It occurs in Mediterranean areas, China, and parts of India, but is spreading to the west Mediterranean holiday resorts. At the site of the bite, usually on the face, arms or legs, a red papule develops which enlarges to 2–10 cm in diameter and which may ulcerate. Small satellite papules commonly develop. The condition persists for 3 months to 3 years, then heals leaving a depressed, often disfiguring, scar.
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Jean Louis Marc, French dermatologist, 1768-1837.
Alibert-Bazin syndrome - heterogenous group of malignant lymphomas characterized by the expansion of a clone of CD4+ (or helper) memory cells, primarily affecting the skin. Synonym(s): Alibert disease III; Auspitz dermatosis; cutaneous T-cell lymphoma; granuloma fungoides; mycosis fungoides
Alibert disease I - firm, thickened, irregularly shaped, pink or red growth that arises on and extends beyond an area of the skin that has been injured. Synonym(s): Alibert keloid; cicatricial keloid
Alibert disease II - infection caused by Leishmania tropica. Synonym(s): Baghdad boil; chiclero ulcer; cutaneous leishmaniasis; oriental sore
Alibert disease III - Synonym(s): Alibert-Bazin syndrome
Alibert keloid - Synonym(s): Alibert disease I
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