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A hydrosol with an organic liquid instead of water as the dispersion means.
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Some 175 lb (80 kg) were injected into each hole, for a total of 2,200 lb (1,000 kg) of Organosol.
In the second application, Strata used Organosol for water displacement.
Organosol 550 DT is available in 5-gallon (19-liter) containers or in barrels for large applications, and is injected using a portable, air-powered pump.
We have conducted thorough testing to refine the properties of Organosol 550 DT to ensure it meets the demands of the mining environment," said Mike Fabio, an engineer for Stata.
Hence, Organosols, with only four profiles, had a large relative range of soil C stocks.
In the risk map survey Regolithic and Terric subgroups were used in the Organosol Order, both of which require unconsolidated materials below the organic material, and the Ashy Subgroup also occurs, which had not been recorded previously in the ASC database.
5 with the majority contained within the Hydrosol (84%) and Organosol Orders (7%).
The order of the proposed and existing Suborders for the Redoxic and Oxyaquic Hydrosols and the Organosol is shown in Table 2.
The dominant soil orders for Tasmania in decreasing area are listed as Tenosols, Dermosols, Sodosols, Kurosols, and Organosols.
Rudosols and Organosols, and were therefore not applicable.
Organosols are dominated by organic material and have long been known as peats (Isbell et al.