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A series of phosphorus-containing organic compounds usually also containing a halide ion that reacts with cholinesterase. Organophosphates phosphorylate cholinesterase and thus irreversibly inhibit it. Used as insecticides; have also been used as gases in warfare.
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Central to the award is the utilization of positron emission tomography -- or PET imaging -- to evaluate organophosphate exposures and the efficacy of the therapeutics in hopes of developing highly useful clinical tools and therapeutic inventions.
none) during pregnancy, children with ASD were 60% more likely to have organophosphates applied nearby the home [1.
Apply the product to flowering plants during early morning or late evening, when bees are not present" - a reversion to the standard practice used with organophosphates of applying the insecticide in late evening or early morning hours, without any mention of the danger of residuals.
In the learning phase of the study, the subjects were introduced to the odours of amitraz, organophosphate and a control (distilled water) from labelled opaque glass bottles containing one undiluted drop of each ingredient on a cotton wool pledget.
16), (17) Organophosphates are known to cross transplacental to the child.
Previous studies have shown that exposure to some organophosphate compounds cause hyperactivity and cognitive deficits in animals," says lead author Maryse F.
Gerhard Schrader, a chemist at the Bayer Corporation in Germany, investigated the use of organophosphates (also known as OPs) as an insecticide.
Organophosphate poisoning is a notifiable condition in South Africa.
We are extremely concerned, as there seems to be no real urgency or commitment to publication'' says Liberal Democrat MP Paul Tyler, who chairs the All Party Organophosphate Group.
It is a member of the organophosphate family of chemicals which were widely used as pesticides before their effects were fully known.
The county's Regional Water Quality Board discovered the organophosphate in the river this summer during a routine check of the treated waste water that is pumped into the river, officials said.
Residues over legal limits included organophosphates and pesticides with very strong evidence of being able to disrupt the hormone system: