Rotation around the long axis of the organ; a type of gastric volvulus.
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In a type IV hernia, the entire stomach herniates into the thorax with organoaxial rotation.
Organoaxial is the most common variant, accounting for approximately two-thirds of cases, and occurs when the stomach rotates along its long axis (Fig.
There is also less risk of ischaemia in organoaxial volvulus.
The third type of volvulus is the combined type that exhibits features of both mesenteroaxial and organoaxial volvulus.
There are 2 forms of gastric volvulus, organoaxial and mesentericoaxial.
There are 2 major types of gastric volvulus, organoaxial and mesenteroaxial.
3) Organoaxial volvulus is more common in the elderly and is the result of ligamentous laxity.
5) In contrast, organoaxial gastric volvuli are more common and are characterized by an axis of rotation around a line that extends from the pylorus to the esophogastric junction (longitudinal axis).

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