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A theory that attributes all diseases, especially all mental disorders, as organic in origin.


1. The concept that society or the universe is analogous to a biological organism, as in development or organization.
2. The doctrine that the total organization of an organism, rather than the functioning of individual organs, is the principal or exclusive determinant of every life process.
3. The theory that all disease is associated with structural alterations of organs.

or·gan′i·cist n.
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Despite the organicist bias of Worms, there was no uniform belief in either national or international settings in an indelible human nature.
345-60; an exception to the view ofthe Worms group as racist is Daniela Barberis, "In search of an object: organicist sociology and the reality of society in fin-de-siecle France," History of the Human Sciences, 16 (2003), pp.
If organicists tended to demand the expulsion of Britain before all else, the correlation between political demands and ideologies was not always perfect; nor was Islam -- in its many definitions -- the sole factor in determining Egyptian nationalist agendas.