organic phosphate

or·gan·ic phos·phate

an ester of phosphoric acid; for example, glycerol phosphate, adenosine phosphate, hexose phosphate.
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Effects of organic phosphate systemic insectisides on bovine embrionic survival and development.
Although non-germinated seeds contain a lesser amount of constitutive APase activity, which increases up to 30-fold associated with a decrease in seed organic phosphate reserves usually accompanies germination (Gibson and Ullah, 1988; Biswas and Cundiff, 1991).
The vanadate-molybdate method, which is carried out at an acidic pH, has a positive bias owing to the hydrolysis of organic phosphate esters, whereas enzymatic methods performed at neutral pH do not (1).
Secondly, natural sources of organic phosphate are used more effectively so that there is no surplus in the manure.
Serum alkaline phosphatase is a member of a family of zinc metalloprotein enzymes that function to split off a terminal phosphate group from an organic phosphate ester.
MoldWiz EM-606SFL is an 8% active, silicone-free emulsion of organic phosphate esters, fatty acids and fluoropolymer in a water vehicle.
EM-606SFL is an 8%-active, silicone-free emulsion of organic phosphate esters, fatty acids, and fluoropolymer.
In plants, many roles have been postulated for these enzymes, including the release of inorganic phosphate from organic phosphate in the environment (AOYAMA et al.
To begin, outline the areas for your new beds using a rope or garden hose, then soak the space with water and add lime, an organic phosphate that lowers acidity and jump starts the aerobic process, breaking down the layers.
The chemical processing method used to formulate this fire retardant (called FRW) results in an organic phosphate fire-retardant system with less acidic pH and fewer impurities.
ELIZABETH Beckett of Alston (November 15) questions Defra on the continued use of organic phosphate on cattle and sheep, in the knowledge that it was the cause of the BSE plague of cattle, and the sickness of many farm livestock handlers, including sheep dip operators, who were also obliged by law to use OP twice annually.
As plants remove phosphate from solution, mineral and organic phosphate become soluble by mineralization and the activities of P-dissolving bacteria.