organic phosphate

or·gan·ic phos·phate

an ester of phosphoric acid; for example, glycerol phosphate, adenosine phosphate, hexose phosphate.
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The organic phosphate development company also expanded on its previous USA-focused deal with Humic Growth Solutions by signing a supply agreement and formalised a distribution agreement with Thompsons Limited, a dedicated organics business which deals in farm inputs across 12 branches in Ontario, Canada.
Effects of organic phosphate systemic insectisides on bovine embrionic survival and development.
Jones, Inorganic Phosphate Determination in the Presence of Labile Organic Phosphate: Assay for Carbomyl Phosphatase Activity.
As amount of phosphorus in soil in form of organic phosphate group depending on the amount of organic matter, this is high in the HT treatment.
Although non-germinated seeds contain a lesser amount of constitutive APase activity, which increases up to 30-fold associated with a decrease in seed organic phosphate reserves usually accompanies germination (Gibson and Ullah, 1988; Biswas and Cundiff, 1991).
Okazaki, Fluoridated hydroxyapatites synthesized with organic phosphate ester, Biomaterials, 12(1), 46-49 (1991).
The vanadate-molybdate method, which is carried out at an acidic pH, has a positive bias owing to the hydrolysis of organic phosphate esters, whereas enzymatic methods performed at neutral pH do not (1).
He argues: "The supplementation with phytase reduces the demand of free inorganic phosphate in animal feed as it increases the bio-availability of plant-bound organic phosphate. Thus two central aspects of life cycle thinking are touched.
Serum alkaline phosphatase is a member of a family of zinc metalloprotein enzymes that function to split off a terminal phosphate group from an organic phosphate ester.
EM-606SFL is an 8%-active, silicone-free emulsion of organic phosphate esters, fatty acids, and fluoropolymer.
MoldWiz EM-606SFL is an 8% active, silicone-free emulsion of organic phosphate esters, fatty acids and fluoropolymer in a water vehicle.