organic pain

or·gan·ic pain

pain caused by an organic lesion.
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Organic pain beliefs cause patients to perceive pain as a noxious and uncontrollable condition that is associated with a catastrophising effect, which may affect functional disability.
Psychological pain beliefs are related to psychological state, anxiety and depression, and patients with such beliefs must focus their attention on pain and relaxation.8-12 There are limited studies investigating pain beliefs, and those that there are have mainly focussed on patients with chronic low back pain.10,11 In a study13 comprising a population of patients with arthritis, a weak correlation was found between organic pain beliefs and functional status.
The family-owned and operated manufacturer of all-natural and organic pain relief, healing and facial skin care products has a significant online and retail presence.
Making the conclusion even more dramatic is that the point in pregnancy when the child is capable of processing "organic pain" is being revealed to be earlier and earlier.
Later this year, Techmira will launch Mira-Skin 100% organic pain relief gel, which is designed to work with an ultrasound wand to sooth any pains from joints, muscles or even arthritis inflammation.
"You are eating Daylesford Organic pain de mie white bread which is made from enriched dough that gives it an almost brioche-like texture and taste."
It may not be Daylesford Organic pain de mie or finest Gloucestershire bacon but the bread is fresh and the rashers are tasty and non-greasy.
She will be as sensitive to spiritual pain as to organic pain. She will not walk away from spiritual suffering, because she knows that there are ways she can help to relieve it and assist in turning suffering into a growth experience." (p.
They have also objected to laws enacted in Arkansas and Georgia that require only the provision of printed information prepared by the state health agencies, and to a Minnesota law that merely requires that the abortionist tell the woman "whether or not an anesthetic or analgesic would eliminate or alleviate organic pain to the unborn child caused by the particular method of abortion to be employed and the particular medical benefits and risks associated with the particular anesthetic or analgesic."
TEST EVIDENCE/OUTCOMES SOR McBride's No published C (expert opinion) studies Mankopf's Did not correlate C (small with organic pain inconclusive diagnostic case-control study) Waddell's Cannot discriminate C (from SR) organic from C (from SR) nonorganic B (from SR) Hoover's Indicates nonorganic C (extrapolated paresis from small diagnostic case- control study using strain gauge) Abductor Indicates nonorganic C (small, lower- causes quality case- control study) Arm Drop No published studies C (expert opinion) Midline Split Very weakly indicates C (small nonorganic cause diagnostic case- control study) SOR, strength of recommendation (see page 722); SR, systematic review.
Its long-term effects can lead to chronic pain syndrome (CPS), where an organic pain causes further debilitation due to compounded psychosocial issues, particularly in the spinal-cord-injury/ dysfunction (SCI/D) community.
Chronic non-malignant pain has been defined as pain experienced every day for three of the preceding six months.3 Non-organic low back pain also occurs and can be divided into several categories, including psychosomatic spinal pain (tension syndrome fibrositis, or muscle tension generated physiologically by anxiety); psychogenic spinal pain (somatisation of anxiety into neck or back pain with no physiological changes, as in a conversion reaction); psychogenic modification of organic spinal pain (an emotional reaction that modifies the appreciation of an organic pain); and situational spinal pain (litigation reaction, conscious over concern of exaggeration).4 Emotional stress has long been recognised as a contributor to pain and/or its perception.5-7