organ donation

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medical directive

End-of-life decisions A specific and comprehensive advance care document–being developed for health care at the end of life. See Advance directive, Durable power of attorney, Living will.
Medical Directive–optimal components  
Introduction Provides an explanation of the document's purpose
Paradigmatic scenarios Provides examples that help the individual understand various illness circumstances and evaluate the types of life-sustaining interventions that might be employed; the PSs would–in theory–help the individual designate his/her preferences with respect to specific treatments
Proxy decision-maker Section provides details on who would make the decisions in the event of the individual becoming mentally incompetent
Organ donation Yes/no, what, to whom, for what
Personal statement The individual's 'wrap-up'

organ donation

The removal of a body part from one person for transplantation into another, typically to restore functional capacity.

Patient care

Organ donation may occur during life, as when a matched individual chooses to give bone marrow or a kidney to another; or it may occur at death, by those who have agreed to donate their organs if they suffer fatal accidents. Health care professionals working with trauma patients have a significant effect on increasing the number of organ donations through prompt identification of possible donors and the provision of hemodynamic management to preserve organ function and health.

See: donor card; transplantation
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Their primary sources of information about organ donation were postgraduate workshops run by transplant co-ordinators, and active participation in the practical care of donors and/or recipients.
There are another seven months to go and if we go by the rate of the previous years, I expect the number of donors to touch around 230,000 by the end of the year," Dr Riadh Fadhil, director, Qatar Organ Donation Center told the media at the official launch of the organ donation campaign.
The campaign will see booths in shopping malls and other prominent locations around the country, staffed by Qatar Organ Donation Center (Hiba) staff.
9%) students knew what organ donation means, 433(90%) supported organ donation, and 90(18.
Organ donation is a complex process but can be seen as an extension of intensive care nursing and end-of-life care.
The inadequate understanding by physicians and scholars of religion often cause major obstacles to the practice of organ donation and transplantation.
The Historical Moment of the Transition from the Old Practice to the New Community-based Deceased Organ Donation in China
Conclusion: Although most of them did not search about deceased organ donation, but, after filling our questionnaire they were interested to know more about it.
In sum, regarding cultural differences in attitudes toward organ donation, we examined the following research questions:
The charity's aim is for the animated film to be made available as a teaching resource to all primary schools in Wales, in an attempt to destigmatise the subject of organ donation and get young children and their families talking about it.
We've already had several schools sign up and agree to show the animation in school assemblies and my ultimate aim would be to have organ donation included as part of the national curriculum.