orf virus

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orf vi·rus

a parapoxvirus causing orf in sheep and goats and sometimes humans.
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Identification and characterization of an orf virus homologue of the vaccinia virus gene encoding the major envelope antigen p37K.
Analysis of genomic rearrangement and subsequent gene deletion of the attenuated orF virus strain D1701.
Immediately after Orf virus infection was confirmed, we attempted virus isolation by cell culture, using Vero cells (the only cells available at the time) in 12.
We used ClustalX (9) to align the sequences for comparison with other homologous Orf virus sequences and other high-GC poxviruses.
County veterinary services traced the origins of the sheep considered to be responsible for these human cases of Orf virus infection.
Although human Orf virus infections have typically been associated with occupational animal contact (1-3,6), they also have been linked to Muslim religious practices and, more globally, to household meat processing or animal slaughter (4,11-15).
Today, however, Muslims in developed countries (especially in cities) mostly buy lambs, which are cheaper and more plentiful but also highly susceptible to Orf virus infections (7).
Persons at increased risk for exposure to Orf virus include livestock owners, slaughter-house workers, and persons who prepare animals at home for religious practices.
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