1. The affective and conative aspects of an act, in contrast to the cognitive aspect.
2. Synonym(s): appetite
[G. orexis, appetite]
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Orthorexia nervosa, from the Greek orthos (straight, proper) and orexia (appetite), is a disorder in which a person demonstrates a pathological obsession not with weight loss but with a "pure" or healthy diet, which can contribute to significant dietary restriction and food-related obsessions.
Galeno en 155 describio un cuadro de adelgazamiento morboso y la kynos orexia o hambre canina como sinonimo de la bulimia.
The same verb produced the noun orexia longing desire and the addition of the negative prefix an-gave the noun anorexia and changed the meaning to ``absence of longing'' and,more specifically,``loss of appetite''.So if we describe someone as being anorexic what we are really saying is that he or she just can't be bothered to reach out and pick up something to eat.