1. The affective and conative aspects of an act, in contrast to the cognitive aspect.
2. Synonym(s): appetite
[G. orexis, appetite]
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Orthorexia nervosa, from the Greek orthos (straight, proper) and orexia (appetite), is a disorder in which a person demonstrates a pathological obsession not with weight loss but with a "pure" or healthy diet, which can contribute to significant dietary restriction and food-related obsessions.
Galeno en 155 describio un cuadro de adelgazamiento morboso y la kynos orexia o hambre canina como sinonimo de la bulimia.
El vocablo ortorexia proviene del griego ortho (justo, recto) y orexia (apetencia); es decir, "apetito justo o correcto".
The same verb produced the noun orexia longing desire and the addition of the negative prefix an-gave the noun anorexia and changed the meaning to ``absence of longing'' and,more specifically,``loss of appetite''.