ordinal scale

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or·di·nal scale

a scale that is based on classification of persons or things into ordered qualitative categories, such as socioeconomic status.

ordinal scale (or´dənəl),

n the classification system by which objects are ordered in terms of their qualitative value, as opposed to a ranking performed strictly numerically or quantitatively.
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An Ordinal Scale can never produce a series of cardinal numbers (Arrow 1974).
Weighted kappa scores, percent exact agreement, and percentage agreement within one point on the ordinal scale are presented for all ordinal data items in Table 2.
Arbitrary Methods to go from an Ordinal Scale to a Cardinal Scale
The very fact of having an ordinal scale of values (utilities) still does not say anything about the agent's real choices.
Learner profiles (demographic data) were analysed using a nominal and ordinal scale measurement.
Responses were on an ordinal scale ranging from 1 (very low) to 5 (very high).
Lau considered the distressed firms to be on an ordinal scale, stating that "states one to four are states of increasing severity of financial distress" (pg.
Age was measured with an ordinal scale with 10-year increments above the traditional college category of 18-24.
Since the HCTSR was created as an ordinal scale, nonparametric tests were also conducted to compare the obtained results from the parametric tests.
The lack of sensitivity in the EDSS to gauge improvement or worsening in MS patients over relatively short periods (6 months), has been a criticism of this ordinal scale.
Thus, a rough five-point ordinal scale has been converted into apparent interval- or ratio-level data that are presumed to be suitable for analysis with, for example, multiple regression (Byrne, 1998; Duncan & Stenbeck, 1987).