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Parent substance of the natural dye orcein, obtained from certain colorless lichens (Lecanora tinctoria, Rocella tinctoria) by treatment with boiling water; used as an external antiseptic in various skin diseases and in chemistry as a reagent for pentoses.


/or·ci·nol/ (or´sĭ-nol) an antiseptic principle, mainly derived from lichens, used as a reagent in various tests.


, orcinol (or′sĭn) (-ol″)
A chemical derived from lichens and used as a histological stain.
CAS # 504-15-4
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While yeast RNA preparations are commercially available which are suitable for use as standards in the orcinol assay, they are too degraded for the electrophoretic analysis (Figure 6A).
In the second week of the project, they count the colonies from the viable count determination, do the orcinol assays for RNA content, and perform the agarose gel electrophoresis.
The orcinol reagent is made up in concentrated HCl and should be treated as hazardous.
As measured by the orcinol assay, only 1% of the mass of the adhesive mucus was carbohydrate.
Gastric juice was diluted with distilled water (1:10, v/v) and 250 [micro]l was mixed with equal volume of orcinol solution (1.
The orcinol derivatives tenuiorin (1) and methyl orsellinate (2) were identified as active components of an extract from the lichen Peltigera leucophlebia (Nyl.
the orcinol tridepside tenuiorin (1) and methyl orsellinate (2).