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Denoting orchitis.
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Denoting orchitis.
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(or-ki'tis) [Gr. orchis, testicle, + itis, inflammation]
Inflammation of a testis due to trauma, ischemia, metastasis, mumps, or infection elsewhere in the body. Synonym: testitis


The symptoms of orchitis include swelling, pain, chills, fever, vomiting, hiccough, and in some patients, delirium. Atrophy of the organ may be an end result.

Incidence and Prevalence

With the widespread use of the mumps vaccine in childhood, infectious orchitis is uncommon, as are the atrophy and infertility resulting from it.


The patient is confined to bed with the organ elevated and supported. An ice bag is applied. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are given.

gonorrheal orchitis

Orchitis due to gonococcus.

metastatic orchitis

Orchitis due to a bloodborne infection that spreads to the testicle.

syphilitic orchitis

Orchitis due to syphilis. This type of orchitis usually begins painlessly in the body of the gland and is apt to be bilateral. It causes dense, irregular, knotty induration but little enlargement in size.

tuberculous orchitis

A rare form of orchitis generally arising in the epididymis. It may be accompanied by formation of chronic sinuses and destruction of tissues. With the widespread use of antituberculosis drugs for primary pulmonary tuberculosis, this condition is rarely seen.
orchitic (-kit'ik), adjective
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