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(ar'kil), [old C.I. 1242]
A violet dye from the lichens Rocella tinctoria and R. fuciformis.
Synonym(s): orchella, orchil, roccellin


(ôr′kĭl, -chĭl) also


1. Any of several lichens, chiefly of the genus Roccella, from which a dye is obtained.
2. The violet dyestuff obtained from any of these lichens.
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Farmer Jackson, of South Orchil, Braco, admitted intentionally destroying the nests.
The march will assemble in Auchterarder's Western Road, proceed up Orchil Road, down Easthill Road and Tullibardine Road and back to the start.
Walker, of Orchil Road, Auchterarder, Perthshire, admitted assault.