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Shortly after initial presentation, she underwent embolization and staged surgical resection of the AVM, including anterior orbitotomy and frontoorbitozygomatic craniotomy.
Biopsy was performed via a lateral orbitotomy approach.
An orbital surgeon was present during the planning in case a direct orbitotomy would be needed.
The parasitic cystic nodule was removed during a transpalpebral orbitotomy.
Excision biopsy of the growth via anterior orbitotomy with vertical eyelid split (Bryon Smith) technique was carried out.
The patient was taken to the operating room where a Kronlein orbitotomy was performed with dissection into the lateral orbit.
The full extent of a lacrimal gland malignancy may be underestimated in a typical excisional biopsy by lateral orbitotomy.
The patient's ophthalmic surgeon obtained a biopsy specimen via a right anterior orbitotomy.
A Kronlein lateral orbitotomy with bone flap was performed with subsequent reconstruction of the lateral orbital wall with osteoplasty.
12) In particular, the transconjunctival and medial orbitotomy approaches to hemangiomas medial to or enveloping the optic nerve have been described.
We successfully treated her with surgical decompression via a computer-assisted, endoscopic transethmoidal orbitotomy.