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On the other hand, the differentiation of the orbitosphenoid, a semi-lunar ossification in the pila metoptica of the orbitotemporal region, is observed in the stage 40 (D&H) in Mabuya species (Table 1).
Therefore, the skull development of the American Mabuya presents differences with Trachylepis capensis in the development of pila antotica, the differentiation of the orbitosphenoid, the closure of pituitary and basicranial fenestrae, the ossification of parietal, and the development of vomer.
1) originates on the lateral ethmoid, orbitosphenoid, pterosphenoid, frontal and sphenotic and inserts on the lateral face of both the hyomandibulometapterygoid and the ento-ectopterygoid.
1 and 2), extending from the lateral sides of the parasphenoid, pterosphenoid and orbitosphenoid to the medial sides of the hyomandibulo-metapterygoid and entoectopterygoid.