lateral frontobasal artery

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lat·er·al fron·to·ba·sal ar·ter·y

a branch of the insular part of the middle cerebral artery distributed to the cortex of the lateral, inferior part of the frontal lobe.
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* Orbitofrontal Artery (OBFA): This branches out anterior, superior, and laterally to vascularise the inferior frontal gyrus.
These branches were orbitofrontal artery and temporal branches.
In one brain on left side, orbitofrontal artery and prefrontal artery were seen to take origin from M1 segment side by side giving appearance of early division of MCA (Early pseudotrifurcation).
In one brain on left side, orbitofrontal artery was very thick taking origin from M1 segment, which after giving the orbital branch continued and gave prefrontal and precentral artery, which are usually branches of superior division (M2 segment) giving appearance of early pseudobifurcation.