orbitalis muscle

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or·bi·ta·lis mus·cle

(ōr-bi-tā'lis mŭs'ĕl)
A rudimentary nonstriated muscle, crossing the infraorbital groove and sphenomaxillary fissure, intimately united with the periosteum of the orbit.
Synonym(s): musculus orbitalis [TA] , orbital muscle.


Heinrich, German anatomist, 1820-1864.
Müller fibers - (1) circular fibers - (2) sustentacular neuroglial cells of the retina. Synonym(s): Müller radial cells
Müller muscle - Synonym(s): circular fibers; orbitalis muscle; superior tarsal muscle
Müller radial cells - Synonym(s): Müller fibers (2)
Müller trigone - the floor of the supraoptic recess of the third ventricle.