orbital region

or·bi·tal re·gion

the region about the orbit.
Synonym(s): regio orbitalis [TA]
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The most frequent sites of metastases are the lungs, regional lymph nodes and liver.4 Moreover, the orbital region is not a very common site for primary chondrosarcoma to occur.
It can be reproduced clinically by drawing imaginary line from tragus of ear to orbitale located on inferior orbital region. These external skeletal landmarks are covered by soft tissue.5,6
The patients with periorbital edema and/or redness, and normal eye movements were diagnosed with preseptal cellulitis, whereas at least one of following findings of limited eye movement, inflammation signs in the conjunctiva, orbital pain, decreased VA (for at least 2 lines on the Snellen chart), afferent pupillary defect signs or radiological imaging detecting inflammation in the orbital region, were accepted for a diagnosis of orbital cellulitis (1-3).
Tumors of orbital region are main reason of proptosis, which can result in loss of eyesight.
Surgical protocol involves a staged approach: (1) suture release, cranial vault decompression, and supra orbital region reshaping and advancement in infancy (6-12 months), (2) reconstructive surgery for midface abnormality in childhood (6-12 years), and (3) orthognathic surgery in adolescence (14-18 years).
Nevertheless, the superotemporal region is the most common site of choristomatous cysts of the orbit, followed by the superomedial and, to a lesser extent, the inferior orbital region [7].
No visual function disorder or fracture of the orbital region or the surrounding tissues was detected on the consultation with the eye clinic.
Among their topics are the structural and functional anatomy of the orbital region, requirements for surgery and basic operative techniques, ptosis operation in combination with upper lid blepharoplasty, basic principles of ablative fractional carbon-dioxide laser skin resurfacing, and post-operative complications.
As the bony orbit cannot expand, an increase in orbital volume disrupts venous drainage, leading to edema and chemosis in the orbital region. (3,9) The active phase is marked by the effect of cytokines (interleukin-6, interleukin-1, and gamma interferon) released from T helper (Th) type 1 cells.
A high index of suspicion must be maintained for infection by saprophytic fungi in diabetic patients with no growth on bacterial culture, AFB negativity, ill-defined granulomas on microscopy and no response to antibacterial therapy even in rare sites like face and orbital region.
The researchers found that on young worlds the Habitable Zone -- the orbital region where water can be liquid on the surface of a planet and where signals of life in the atmosphere can be detected with telescopes -- turns out to be located further away from the young stars these worlds orbit than previously thought.