orbital region

or·bi·tal re·gion

the region about the orbit.
Synonym(s): regio orbitalis [TA]
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The researchers found that on young worlds the Habitable Zone -- the orbital region where water can be liquid on the surface of a planet and where signals of life in the atmosphere can be detected with telescopes -- turns out to be located further away from the young stars these worlds orbit than previously thought.
Astronomers believe they fill up the star's "habitable zone" - the orbital region just the right distance away to permit mild temperatures and liquid water.
A pair of so-called "super-Earths" have been detected within the "habitable zone" of the star, the orbital region where temperatures are just warm enough to allow bodies of surface water such as oceans and lakes.
A farm of meat turkeys was affected by a condition, clinically characterized by unilateral inflammation of the orbital region and progressive crossing of the beak, observed in 3 successive flocks in 2010.
The clinical presentation of metastases to the orbital region depends on the structures affected.
Progressive ptosis of the left eye, swelling of the left orbital region with diplopia, and anesthesia developed after 3 cycles of chemotherapy.
Of these, 54 lie within the "Goldilocks zone" - the orbital region just far enough from the parent star to allow perfect conditions for liquid surface water and possibly life.
Similarly, secondary invasion of the orbital region by a neighboring tumor is more common than primary epidermoid carcinoma of the orbit, which is also rare.
Moreover, the orbital region around 900 kilometers is very heavily used by satellites for both civil and military uses, which are threatened by the added debris.
At operation, the tumor was found to involve the left ethmoid sinus, left sphenoid sinus, and left orbital region and compressed the optic nerve.
The clinical presentation differs according to the site involved, but the most common symptoms are unilateral nasal obstruction, epistaxis, pain in the facial region, and swelling of the facial and orbital region.
Developers are being provided with a data set for experimentation, while clinicians will have a chance to view and comment on data in selected clinical domains, such as breast neoplasm, respiratory tract infection, orbital region disorders, procedure of eyes and related structures, urinary procedure, urinary disorders and body structure.