orbital height

or·bi·tal height

the distance between the midpoints of the upper and lower margins of the orbit.
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8% since its orbital height is low and the effect of perturbation force is obvious.
The orbital height of the satellite has been modified to 600 km above the earth's surface compared to 690 km, which is the current orbit of DubaiSat-1.
The launch characteristics such as the orbital height, inclination and local time of descending node will also be featured.
Despite its thousand-mile orbital height, the 100-foot aluminized balloon rivals 1st-magnitude stars, catching the attention of even casual watchers.
orb] it's orbital height plus Earth radius for an Earth-based satellite.
The $10million Ansari X Prize was last week award-ed to Scaled Composites for launching Spaceship One, a privately built, reusable, craft to orbital height twice within a fortnight.