orbital fracture

fracture, orbital

A term relating to any break in the bony integrity of the orbital walls, most commonly occurring in the orbital floor or less frequently in the medial wall (called 'blow-out' fracture). Although most frequently resulting from blunt trauma, it may also result as a necessary step in surgical treatment (e.g. orbital decompression). There is periorbital bruising, oedema, haemorrhage, or enophthalmos. Diplopia and limited upward movement are present usually as a result of a muscle or its fascia being entrapped in the break. There may be concomitant intraocular injury if caused by trauma (e.g. tennis ball). Fractures in the orbital apex or roof are less common. The lateral wall of the orbit is very tough as it protects the globe and is only involved in very severe maxillofacial trauma.
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If an orbital fracture is suspected, a player should be referred to the emergency department for a CT scan and evaluation by the appropriate specialist.
She later learned she had an orbital fracture and reported the incident to police in July.
At midnight, on March 23, 2002, she fell from her hospital bed, struck her head on the floor, and subsequently died, after suffering a right orbital fracture and a subdural hematoma.
Drama teacher Gareth Williams suffered a shatter fracture to his right eye socket, an orbital fracture to the eye and fractured bones in his arm.
Forty-one chapters are organized into sections covering orbitofacial anatomy, radiology, and patient evaluation; orbital wall fractures, materials and approaches in orbital fracture repair; and injuries associated with orbital fractures.
Hairston is a possible participant Saturday, and Kent said he expected 7-foot Ray Schafer to be a participant in the scrimmage after missing more than a week with an orbital fracture, suffered when he was poked in the eye during a workout.
Florie, who was struck by a line drive hit by the New York Yankees' Ryan Thompson, suffered retina damage and vision problems in addition to the orbital fracture.
3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- About Craniomaxillofacial devices Craniomaxillofacial traumas caused by sports injuries and traffic accidents can result in frontal bone fracture, orbital fracture, maxillary fracture, and mandibular fracture.
The wife later learned she had an orbital fracture and reported the incident to police in July.
To the best of our knowledge, only 3 cases of an orbital fracture induced by nose blowing have been previously reported in the literature.
There were only 10 players available for the scrimmage, with 7-foot sophomore Ray Schafer out due to orbital fracture of his left eye socket.
Rodrigo was treated for an orbital fracture to his right eye.