orbital axis

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or·bi·tal ax·is

the line from the center of the optic foramen (apex of orbit) extending anteriorly, laterally, and inferiorly to the middle of the orbital opening.


pl. axes [L., Gr.]
1. a line through a center of a body, or about which a structure revolves.
2. the second cervical vertebra.

celiac axis
celiac trunk.
axis cylinder
dorsoventral axis
one passing from the back to the belly surface of the body.
electrical axis of heart
the resultant of the electromotive forces within the heart at any instant. See also mean electrical axis.
external bulbar axis
the optical axis that connects the anterior and posterior poles of the eyeball. Called also optic axis.
frontal axis
an imaginary line running from right to left through the center of the eyeball.
axis of heart
a line passing through the center of the base of the heart and the apex.
optic axis
see external bulbar axis (above).
orbital axis
a line passing through the apex of the bony orbit and the center of the opening of the orbit.
sagittal axis
an imaginary line extending through the anterior and posterior poles of the eye.
visual axis
an imaginary line passing from the midpoint of the visual field to the fovea centralis.