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1. the trees Citrus aurantium and Citrus sinensis or their fruits; the flowers and peels are used in pharmaceutical preparations.
2. a color between red and yellow, produced by energy of wavelengths between 590 and 630 nm..
3. a dye or stain with this color.
methyl orange an orange-yellow aniline dye, used as an indicator with a pH range of 3.2–4.4 and a color change from pink to yellow.
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1. The fruit of the orange tree, Citrus sinensis or C. aurantium (family Rutaceae).
2. A color between red and yellow in the spectrum. For individual orange dyes, see specific name.
[O.F. orenge, fr. Ar. nāranj, the initial n being absorbed in Fr. article une]
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Nutrition A citrus fruit (Citrus sinensis) which is a hybrid of ancient cultivated origin, possibly between pomelo (Citrus maxima) and tangerine (C reticulate). The fruit itself is classified as a hesperidium, a type of berry, and is produced by a small flowering tree that grows no taller than 10 m, which has evergreen leaves
Physics A colour between red and yellow in the visible spectrum which has a wavelength of 585 to 620 nm
Quackery A colour said, in the construct of the pseudoscience of colour therapy, to combine the healing powers of red and yellow light
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Hue corresponding to wavelengths between 590 and 630 nm. See colour; light.
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Patient discussion about orange

Q. My family doctor advised me to cut smoking and to have more orange juice and didn’t give any meds.Why is it so I work in suburban zone in a construction site. My worksite is very dusty and polluted as lot many industries also exist there. While coming home I face huge traffic pollution. It’s a 1 hour journey. This creates stress to me. My family doctor advised me to cut smoking and to have more orange juice and didn’t give any meds. Why is it so?

A. YEah, probably your doctor believes that by increasing amount of anti-oxidants inside your body, your body will be able to fight the negative effect from the pollution.
the chemical pollution can come from anywhere in our daily living. that's why it is recommended for all of us to strengthen our body defense by eating healthy foods (and even consume multivitamins), and stop the activities that will harm our body (such as smoking, alcoholic drinks, etc.).

Fruits and some vegetables (you can try: orange, apple, berries, tomato, grapes, etc.) are believed to have high content of anti-oxidants, so it will help our body to remain healthy.
Good luck and stay healthy always!

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'Navelina' orange trees grafted on five different rootstocks did not show significant differences in height during the first five years, although the trees on 'Sunki' mandarin showed higher growth than those on 'Fepagro C-13' citrange, regarding tree diameter and canopy volume (Table 1).
Following the recent sale of four of its pubs to Charles Wells, the Orange Tree Group has now sold Fenways in Loughborough and the Lansdowne in Leicester.
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At one point, DeGeneres asked Brother Orange why he took so many photos of himself beside an orange tree. According to him, it was Chinese New Year and he wanted to buy some oranges.
One of the foursomes at the 2nd Annual AzNF Open Golf Tournament that was held at the Orange Tree Golf Resort on June 1.
Highlights of this year's exhibition are the ancient trees, some over 160 years old and new hybrid plants, like the Kumquat, which produces small orange fruits and a small orange tree. The latter grows in a tub, can be kept in-doors and offers ripe oranges eight months a year.
However, in 'Valencia' orange tree orchards, the application of both insecticides and acaricides is more frequent, which reduces and/or limits psyllid population growth.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- John Steinbeck's famous novel "Of Mice and Men" and "My Sweet Orange Tree," by Brazilian writer Jose Mauro de Vasconcelos, both on a government list of books every child should read, are now under scrutiny for being at odds with Turkish values, local media reported on Thursday.
In December, a serious decline in the abundance was observed on the two host plants followed by a progressive increase of the population, which reachs 9.16% in January on orange tree and 15.15 % in February on lemon tree (fig.