oral temperature

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oral temperature

The temperature obtained by placing a thermometer under the patient's tongue with lips closed for 3 min or by electronic thermometer for the length of time noted on the readout or the manufacturer's direction.

Patient care

It should not be taken for at least 20 min after ingestion of hot or cold liquids. It is not advisable for infants, those who breathe through the mouth, the comatose or obtunded patients, or the critically ill.

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Exclusion criteria were disruption to oral mucosa and facial trauma preventing oral temperature measurement.
Vitals were within normal limits and oral temperature measured 36.4 degrees Celsius.
Both the study groups showed similar change in oral temperature from the pre to the post test [F (2,28) = 11.87, P = 0.001, Partial Eta Squared = 0.4].
Establishing protocols for workers to report oral temperatures and any symptoms to the call center took several days, and some workers had to be reminded to call DOHMH.
Oral temperature (0C)###101.63 7.40###98.62 7.19###0.003
Her oral temperature curve and laboratory measures had also improved (Figure 4).
(1990) monitored oral and axillary temperatures in 100 patients and found that oral temperature was higher in all cases.
A significant diurnal variation was observed in the oral temperature ([F.sub.1.90] = 161.729; p < 0.01).
Comparison of Axillary Temperature with Rectal or Oral Temperature and Determination of Optimum Placement Time in Children .
(4,5,16) While this method does indeed apply constant pressure in an attempt to simulate normal pulpar conditions, it cannot reproduce other crucial factors, such as oral temperature, saliva flow, dental biofilm, and mastication.
Experts say that you should never attempt to take an oral temperature. The thermometer can break in the cat's mouth, causing serious injury to both the cat and you.
On arrival to the ED, he had a blood pressure of 111/63 mmHg, respiration - 20 breaths/min, oral temperature of 36.7[degrees]C, and oxygen saturation of 99% of room air.