oral surgeon

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or·al sur·geon

a dentist who specializes in oral surgery.
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den·tal sur·geon

(den'tăl sŭr'jŏn)
A general practitioner of dentistry.
Synonym(s): oral surgeon.
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Oral surgeon

A dentist who specializes in surgical procedures of the mouth, including extractions.
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The team typically includes the craniofacial surgeon, who will typically coordinate overall care with the other team members, and an otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat doctor), orthodontist, dentist, oral surgeon, speech pathologist, nutritionist, nurse and social worker.
Harbinder Lally, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court, said it came to light in July this year that prescriptions were being filled in on behalf of the consultant oral surgeon by others in relation to a pain-killing drug.
The oral surgeon did a biopsy and told me it was lichenoid mucositis.
Ian McClure, consultant oral surgeon at Perth Royal Infirmary, said: "The blow was so severe it displaced the whole of the top jaw."
The appeals court affirmed, finding that the inmate's allegations that the dentist was not qualified as an oral surgeon did not rise to the level of deliberate indifference.
The consultant oral surgeon added: 'As someone who treats these injuries I think this is good news.'
On second thought, I'd rather move to a small town in North Dakota under an assumed name, start a new family, and spend my remaining years making a difference in peoples' lives as an oral surgeon, oh beautiful, beautiful white coat ...
Extra resources include a second vascular and oral surgeon,more ear nose and throat and general surgical theatre sessions.
Today, Etufugh operates two practices as a board certified oral surgeon: one in Hempstead, Long Island, and the other in Manhattan.
The oral surgeon expertly put him to sleep to do the work.
Next, an oral surgeon implanted eight titanium metal posts into the newly added bone.
A 22-year-old woman (body weight: 127 Ibs [58 kg]) sought care at an emergency department (ED) for dizziness approximately 5 hours after her oral surgeon extracted four wisdom teeth.