oral region

or·al re·gion

the region of the face including the lips and mouth.
Synonym(s): regio oralis [TA]

or·al re·gi·on

(ōrăl rējŏn) [TA]
Facial area comprising lips and mouth.
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The morphology of the oral region is important in the identification of adult and larval parasitic nematodes.
The objective of this study includes isolating and identification of bacteria present in the oral region and to study the antibacterial activity of betel leaf extract against bacteria isolated.
5) Common sources of metastasis to the oral region are from the breast, lung, and kidney.
To determine the pattern of HPV acquisition and persistence in the oral region, researchers evaluated the HPV infection status in oral mouthwash samples collected as part of the HIM Study, which was originally designed to evaluate the natural history of genital HPV infections in healthy men.
Diagrams were made with the help of a camera lucida and Photograph of the oral region is prepared using Nikon (Optophot-2) Photomicroscope.
Our case described painful aphthous lesions in the oral region occurring three times a month, which would recover in two weeks.
Application of immunostaining to developing lancelet embryos, larvae just before metamorphosis, and juveniles has demonstrated the dynamic change of innervation pattern in the oral region (Yasui et al.
The NuTorque features a brushless motor weighing less than 99 grams, permitting the dental professional to maneuver comfortably and effectively throughout the oral region.
For the fourth edition, the title has been changed from the original Cysts of the Oral Region to better reflect the text's scope and the material has been updated in accord with the expanded literature of the field, particularly in reference to the odontogenic keratocyst.