oral prophylaxis

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disease prevention; called also preventive treatment.
dental prophylaxis oral prophylaxis.
oral prophylaxis cleaning of the teeth by a dentist or dental hygienist, including removal of plaque, materia alba, calculus, and extrinsic stains; done as a preventive measure for control of gingivitis. Called also dental prophylaxis.

oral prophylaxis

The removal of bacterial plaque, calculus, and stains from surfaces of the teeth, primarily by scaling and root planing. It is a preventative measure against gingivitis, halitosis, and periodontal disease.
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Q. Is it possible to prevent appearance of oral aphthae? I get these a lot and lately I've heard it comes as a result of stress or weak immune system. Is that true? Is there a way to make it go away forever????? anyone who has ever had this annoying thing in his mouth knows what I'm talking about... I know all the possible curing ways- I'm looking for prevention now...thanx!

A. welcome to my life! every time the air get's a little dry i get 1-3 aphthae and can't eat for the next 4-6 days. so i investigated a little, and i'm sorry but right now no one really knows what causes them. they know that from some reason the body get's an immune reaction in the oral mucosa and that causes an ulcer. but a friend of mine went to an Ayurveda therapist that told him to stop eating tomatoes and eggplants (in any way, cooked,baked,fried) and he says he stop getting aphthae. so you might try Ayurveda for prevention. it could help...

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After the completion of the oral prophylaxis, subjects completed a post-IV opinion survey.
Regular use of antimicrobial mouthrinses can effectively augment the benefits of oral prophylaxis and oral hygiene instructions at 6-month recall intervals in reducing the occurrence of dental plaque and gingivitis.
Phase 1 therapy in the form of oral prophylaxis and root planning with oral hygiene instructions and chemical antimicrobial therapy in the form of metronidazole 400mg twice a day and amoxicillin 500mg Three times a day with 0.2% chlohexidine gluconate as a mouth wash.
"provided almost all non-surgical periodontal therapy." Additionally, the economic analysis indicated that 95% of all adult oral prophylaxis, the most common single procedure delivered in dentistry in the U.S., were rendered in general dental practices.
Therefore, the importance of regular check-up and oral prophylaxis cannot be overlooked.
The purpose of this study is to assess the degree of discomfort namely pain during the normal routine oral prophylaxis, and to determine the relationship of pain to various demographic and periodontal variables using VAS in our setup.
When the required levels of training are achieved, a new opportunity to go to Oral Prophylaxis Assistant (OPA) training becomes available.
This toothpaste tastes and feels like you just had a professional oral prophylaxis. It makes your gums have that pinkish glow after several brushes too, amazing!' says Saladbox director, Jay Chan Marquez.
(4) Presence of oral ulcerations may result in pain and bleeding during oral prophylaxis. However, this should not be a reason to delay or avoid prophylaxis, which should be done on a regular basis, even when lesions are present.
Oral prophylaxis was carried out during the period of treatment to bring down the gingival index score to near zero at the start of the experimental period.
In order to maintain the world-wide readiness of our 7,000 patients, we must complete an examination and oral prophylaxis on each member annually.
I'm trying to look for dental fluorosis figures, but in my nine years of practice, I have encountered only two patients with dental fluorosis; 90 percent have dental caries, and the rest have other concerns such as trauma and routine oral prophylaxis.'