oral hairy leukoplakia

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a disease marked by the development of white thickened patches on the mucous membranes of the cheeks (leukoplakia buccalis), gums, or tongue (leukoplakia lingualis); the patches sometimes form fissures and often become malignant. They may grow into larger patches or form ulcers. Those in the mouth may in time cause pain during swallowing of food or speaking. Leukoplakia affects mostly middle-aged to elderly men, often after prolonged irritation of the mouth from such varying factors as badly fitting dentures or immoderate use of tobacco.

Treatment is aimed at removing any possible cause of physical or chemical irritation; the patient should give up tobacco and possibly also alcohol and extremely hot food. Dental attention may be necessary if teeth are uneven or dentures do not fit properly. Surgical removal of the affected area is relatively simple and may be the best means of preventing further development of the condition.
oral hairy leukoplakia a white filiform to flat patch occurring on the tongue or, rarely, on the buccal mucosa, caused by infection with Epstein-Barr virus and associated with human immunodeficiency virus infection.
leukoplakia vul´vae the presence of hypertrophic grayish-white infiltrated patches on the vulvar mucosa; specific diagnosis is determined by biopsy.

oral hairy leukoplakia

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oral hairy leukoplakia

Leukoplakia of the tongue. It is typically found in immunocompromised patients is a result of Epstein-Barr virus infection.
See also: leukoplakia

oral hairy leukoplakia (loo´kōplā´kēə),

n a filamentous, white plaque found on the lateral borders of the tongue that can spread across the entire dorsum of the tongue and onto the buccal mucosa. The Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) has been identified in biopsy specimens of these lesions. An indicator disease for AIDS. See also leukoplakia.
oral health diet score,
n a motivational aid to good nutrition. Merit points are earned by an adequate intake of foods from the recommended food groups. Demerits are given for frequent intake of foods high in sugars. The difference is the oral health diet score. The technique is applicable to children with a high incidence of dental caries.
oral health index,
n a statistical measure that quantifies one or more aspects of a person's or group's oral health status.
oral hygiene,
oral manifestation,
n the presence of the signs, symptoms, and lesions of a systemic disease in and around the oral cavity.
oral medicine,
oral mucosa,
oral physiology,
oral self-examination,
n the procedure shown to dental patients in order to look for indications of cancer. The patient monitors the tissues of his or her oral cavity, as well as those of the head and neck, reporting any changes to a dental professional.
oral surgery,
n See surgery, oral.
oral warts,
n.pl warts caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) that may be scattered throughout the oral cavity or localized in one area. They frequently recur. They are associated with AIDS infection.
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