oral flora

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o·ral flor·a

(ōrăl flōră)
Bacteria and other microorganisms that normally inhabit the oral cavity.
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The bite wound should be washed vigorously and irrigated with water, normal saline, or dilute povidone-iodine solution for adequate cleaning to reduce inoculation of the oral flora from the biting animal (check your agency's protocol).
corrodens, which is a gram-negative facultative anaerobic bacillus that is normally found in the oral flora and oropharyngeal mucosa as well as in the GI tract [6].
Are certain oral pathogens part of normal oral flora in denture-wearing edentulous subjects ?
It is well known that dental plaque is a predominant cause of biofilm-originated periodontal problems and carious lesions.1 To control the biofilm-associated oral pathogens in the oral flora, mechanical and/or chemical plaque removal methods must be used.2 Mechanical cleaning has been considered an integral component of plaque removal.
However, while periodontal disease has been shown to be a risk factor for stillbirth [14, 15], there are very few studies looking into the presence of common oral flora in postmortem bacterial cultures in cases of stillbirth or neonatal death within 72 hours of birth [9,12].
intermedius-associated cerebral abscess reminds us that if oral flora are isolated as pathogens from brain abscesses, a primary etiological reason in the gastrointestinal tract, especially the esophagus, should be looked for.
Candida albicans may be present in normal oral flora in up to 50% of the population.
Hauschka Med Oral Care products are made of plant ingredients to soothe and fortify teeth and gums while stimulating natural saliva production for healthy, balanced oral flora without fluorides and sodium laureth sulfate, according to the company.
multocida may be part of human oral flora, though humans with P.
The display of bacterial infection of dental descent is permanently changing and is a measurable reflexing of new evolution of oral flora.[1]