oral defensiveness

or·al de·fen·sive·ness

(ōr'ăl dĕ-fen'siv-nĕs)
Overreaction to the tastes or textures of things placed in one's mouth.
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33) Oral defensiveness may present as reflex biting, lip pursing, facial grimacing, crying, gagging, head turning or pushing away things coming towards the mouth or face.
Conditions assessed were bacterial plaque, gingivitis, dental caries, restorations, bruxism, delayed eruption/missing teeth, oral infection, developmental anomalies, injuries, occlusion, salivary flow, and oral defensiveness.
Due to the increased incidence of oral defensiveness in children with an ASD, plaque accumulation was high, at 85% for all groups studied.
4) higher level of oral defensiveness in younger children as compared to older children
In addition, oral defensiveness was scored using an 8-point ordinal scale that identified the level of cooperation exhibited during the oral assessment.
In addition to analyses found in the tables, frequencies associated with the levels of oral defensiveness are presented below.
Considering the high incidence of oral defensiveness, one would expect the large amount of plaque accumulation found in children with an ASD.