oral cancer

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oral cancer

Cancer of mouth, mouth cancer ENT A malignancy of the lips, tongue, floor of mouth, salivary glands, buccal mucosa, gingiva, palate; most OCs are squamous cell carcinomas linked to tobacco use and/or smoking, and tend to spread rapidly High risk factors for OCs Alcohol abuse, poor dental and oral hygiene, chronic irritation–eg, rough teeth, dentures, etc; OCs may begin as leukoplakia or mouth ulcers; ♂ are hit twice as often as ♀. See Squamous cell carcinoma.
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or·al can·cer

(ōrăl kansĕr)
Cancer affecting lips, tongue, floor of the mouth, palate, gingiva, alveolar mucosa, buccal mucosa, and oropharynx.
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Patient discussion about oral cancer

Q. What is Mouth cancer? My grandfather has been diagnosed with mouth cancer. What is it? Is it dangerous?

A. Cancer of the mouth is dangerous as are all cancers. The earlier this cancer is detected, the better the survival rates are. If the cancer is caught in the first stage the survival rates can go up to 90% of patients surviving five years and most of these will be cured.

Q. What are the symptoms of mouth cancer? I have an ulcer in my mouth that won't go away, could it be cancer?

A. Have you had this ulcer for a long time? over 3 weeks?
If so, consult your GP however don't be alarmed as it isn't necessarily cancer, though it's always better to check it out and not neglect it.

Q. What is radiotherapy? My Grandfather had a surgery to remove a cancerous tumor on his cheek. He now needs to undergo radiotherapy. What is this? what are its side effects?

A. Generally, radiotherapy causes tiredness and sore, red skin in the area being treated. This is a bit like sunburn. Radiotherapy to the neck can damage the thyroid gland. Other side effects include: a sore throat- due to mouth ulcers, pain on swallowing,
a dry mouth- due to damage caused to the salivary glands (which are in charge of making the saliva), taste changes, a hoarse voice and effect on the sense of smell.

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Kathuria's Dentistry is working towards the early detection and prevention of oral cancer with OralID.
In addition, the Mayo Clinic advises that excessive sun exposure to the lips, sexually transmitted human papillomavirus, and a weakened immune system may contribute to oral cancers.
'Oral cancer is leading cancer in men which is mainly caused by paan, betel nut and gutka.
According to Shaukat-Khanum cancer registry, oral cancer is the second most common cancer in Pakistan next to breast cancer in females and lung cancer in males1 and Howlader N.
Kashif Ali Channar further informed that the department is providing the updated and evidence based management to patients suffering from oral Cancer, precancerous conditions, traumatized patients, having different pathologies of head and neck.
Survival rates from oral cancer are said to increase from 50 per cent to 90 per cent if it is detected early.
Oral cancer is among the top 5 most common cancers in Asia and for many who live in rural areas, access to healthcare and treatment is expensive.
It has been proven that increase in awareness on Oral cancer could help reduce the burden of disease and its related morbidity.
Conclusion: Majority of oral cancer patients present at an advanced stage irrespective of age at diagnosis but young age has an overall improved survival.
KARACHI -- The usage of Betel nut, paan, gutka, cigarette smoking is one of the cause of oral cancer, the people should refrain from it.