optimum temperature

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op·ti·mum tem·per·a·ture

the temperature at which any operation, such as the culture of any special microorganism, is best carried on.

optimum temperature

The temperature at which a procedure is best carried out, such as the culture of a given organism or the action of an enzyme.
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2017) who suggested 25[degrees]C as the optimum temperature for the phase in gladiolus under consideration.
However, within the range of optimum temperature (20 to 30degC) (Yoshida, 1981), the growth rate increase linearly until 25degC and after 26degC rice grain yield decrease progressively (Baker and Allen, 1993; Baker, 2004).
The optimum temperature for the enhanced enzyme production was found to be 30 C, which was slightly different from the studies of (Jegatheesanet.
The next variation performed was the GS mass fraction of the total mass of GL + GS using the previously obtained PVAc quantity and the optimum temperature.
3) that; 34[degrees]C was optimum temperature for growth of the pigment producing bacterial isolate.
In winter the house is kept at an optimum temperature of 22 degrees and around 15 degrees in summer.
With Roctool's technologies, the mould's optimum temperature is reached in less than one minute, not two hours, " said Guichard.
In the case of this particular enzyme the optimum pH range is between 4-5 and the optimum temperature range being between 30-50[degrees]C.
The stunning new Videocon Side-By-Side Refrigerator range has a magic cool zone, which enables you to set the optimum temperature for different kind of food ingredients with just a press of a button.
Janeen Davidson of Beenleigh's Yoga and More Studio said that having a hot shower cooled the body to an optimum temperature and enabled a person to sleep; she also called making love the ultimate relaxation.
The effects of optimum temperature on the free and immobilized enzyme were determined by assaying their activities at different temperatures (0 to 80[degrees]C) in 50 mM sodium phosphate (pH 7.

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