optimum pH

op·ti·mum pH

the pH at which an enzymatic or any other reaction or process is most effective under a given set of conditions.
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achieving optimum pH of washed linen non-allergenic skin health;d.
Corrett - an advocate of the alkaline diet, which involves eating mainly alkaline foods for the optimum pH balance - has teamed up with Currys PC World to create new recipes based on some of the most popular foods and kitchen appliances on social media (with papaya, roasted aubergine and pomegranates getting people talking and sharing snaps).
Optimum pH and Temperature of Free and Immobilized Cellulases
Previous experimentation (MacKenzie 2013) determined that the optimum pH for enzyme activity in crystalline style extracts was pH 5.
For determination of optimum pH, it was selected in range of 3 to 10.
thermodenitrificans type strain DSM 465T grows well at 50 to 65[degrees]C, with optimum pH values of 6 to 8 and in the presence of 3% NaCl.
In the case of this particular enzyme the optimum pH range is between 4-5 and the optimum temperature range being between 30-50[degrees]C.
They reported that a pH value of 7 was the most optimum pH value in order to obtain high efficiency.
Results showed that 67 of the 103 fields sampled in January and February are below the optimum pH of 6 - 6.
Results showed that 67 of the 103 fields sampled in January and February were below the optimum pH of 6-6.
Determination of pH optima and stability of protease: The optimum pH for protease activity was checked over a pH range using 0.

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