optimum pH

op·ti·mum pH

the pH at which an enzymatic or any other reaction or process is most effective under a given set of conditions.
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The results indicated that the optimum pH value is 7.5 and for the maximum production of biogas temperature should be 37 AdegC.
Optimum pH was determined by assaying the superoxide dismutase at different pH ranging from 4-8.5 with each 0.5 difference.
To evaluate the optimum pH for the free (1.46x[10.sup.-8] U) and the cross-linked (1.56x[10.sup.-8] U) AR, we measured the levels of enzyme activity in a pH gradient between pH 4 and 9 at 25[degrees]C for 5 min.
The optimum pH, CP and cellulase of G1 were 4, 20% and 0.55%, respectively, and 3.08% ethanol was produced.
Similarly, optimum pH was estimated by incubating enzyme with starch in Tris-Cl buffer at 5 different pH ranges from 5.0 to 9.0 at 37 AdegC for 1 hour.
The purified A.nomius GWA5 tannase was incubated at various pH values at 50[degrees]C for 30 min in absence of its substrate and then the residual activity was determined at the optimum pH (6).
The optimum pH of alkaline protease was determined using buffered casein (1%) as substrate in the universal buffer (Stauffer, 1989) from 2 to 12 pH values.
The mixtures were then filtered, optimum pH as well as the zeta potential of the solutions being measured using pH meter (Hanna instrument).
The results showed that pH was 6.6 - 7.2, at the optimum pH range, therefore it would be able to give a good impact on the rumen feed degradation process.
Following extensive hair and skin research, the company introduced shampoos, conditioners and pet wipes that contain an optimum pH balance for dogs and cats alike, which meet the needs of their sensitive skin and coats.
Other studies of xylanase report optimum pH, temperature, and agitation at specific values.

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