optimum dose

op·ti·mum dose

the dose of a drug or radiation that will produce the desired effect with minimum likelihood of undesirable symptoms.
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Treatment planning task is exercised till an optimum dose distribution is achieved.
The optimum dose was determined as 1,4 g/L with 16 % of removal efficiency as shown in Fig.
The objective of this study was to determine the optimum dose level of adult proteins required to maximize fecundity of C.
Data from this trial and others indicated an optimum dose of 20 million pfu that will be assessed among people with compromised immune systems in areas where Ebola is endemic.
His seizure activity lessened with every few days and once he had been increased to his optimum dose with the introduction of tiny amounts of THC, he was 99% seizure-free and has been ever since.
Misoprostol is being used worldwide for termination of first and second trimester pregnancies and since past ten years various trials have been conducted all over the world to find the optimum dose, route of administration and safety of misoprostol in term pregnancies.
However, optimum dose of N is essential to maximizing nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) in root crops [11].
ISO has been the mainstay of acne treatment for more than three decades, and the cumulative experience suggests that daily dose, duration of therapy and cumulative dose are the three factors important in ISO treatment for acne; but due to inconsistent study designs, classification of acne, follow-up periods and definitions of relapse in different studies, the opinion about the optimum dose of ISO and duration of treatment remains divided.
SUPPLEMENTS THAT MAY HELP PREVENT AND/OR TREAT ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE NAME RECOMMENDED DAILY AMOUNT DHA Omega-3 Prevention: 900-1,200 mg (or more); Treatment: 1,500-2,000 mg Curcumin Prevention: Optimum dose unclear; cook with it, and consume with omega-3 fatty acids or some fat in the meal to improve absorption Cocoa Powder Prevention and-or treatment: 500-750 mg of cocoa flavonols
Their new study, called CaPP3, will establish the optimum dose of aspirin to best treat patients.
A leading Southampton scientist is testing a new way of measuring body composition, which could help ensure that breast cancer patients receive the optimum dose of chemotherapy.

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