optimum dose

op·ti·mum dose

the dose of a drug or radiation that will produce the desired effect with minimum likelihood of undesirable symptoms.
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ASLAN plans to enrol patients in the United States as part of a 20-patient expansion cohort for its ongoing trial, to be conducted once an optimum dose of ASLAN003 in AML has been established.
In different literature, the optimum dose of oxytocin which is administered routinely as an intravenous bolus at the time of delivery of fetus in caesarian section is 5 IU6.
Optimum dose was a daily intake of 500-1,000 mg of long-chain omega-3 fats (at least 500 mg of DHA) starting at 12 weeks of pregnancy.
On the basis of increased shelf life as well as proximate analysis of radiated and non - radiated tomatoes it can be suggested that 1kGyis optimum dose for tomatoes.
A Phase 2b study to further evaluate the safety and efficacy of NT-814 in women with bothersome post-menopausal symptoms, and to establish the optimum dose to take forward into Phase 3, is anticipated to start recruiting patients in the US, Canada and the UK in Q4 2018, with headline results expected in late 2019.
Treatment planning task is exercised till an optimum dose distribution is achieved.
The optimum dose was determined as 1,4 g/L with 16 % of removal efficiency as shown in Fig.
The objective of this study was to determine the optimum dose level of adult proteins required to maximize fecundity of C.
Data from this trial and others indicated an optimum dose of 20 million pfu that will be assessed among people with compromised immune systems in areas where Ebola is endemic.
Thus, to find out the optimum dose of esmolol and lidocaine in attenuating the intubation stress response, two different doses of these drugs have been compared.
Further studies are required to determine the optimum dose.

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