optimum dose

op·ti·mum dose

the dose of a drug or radiation that will produce the desired effect with minimum likelihood of undesirable symptoms.
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Five clinical studies of OncoVAX, including a statistically significant phase III trial with the optimum dose and regimen, have been completed.
Their new study, called CaPP3, will establish the optimum dose of aspirin to best treat patients.
A leading Southampton scientist is testing a new way of measuring body composition, which could help ensure that breast cancer patients receive the optimum dose of chemotherapy.
This week, the dietician outlines the various foods that would provide us with the optimum dose of minerals and vitamins through the month of Ramadan.
This technique uses molecular assays to determine optimum dose of drug necessary for patient.
If you look at the global measure and daily function measure, there is a bend in the curve of the group that got placebo, and that bend occurs when they were switched to the optimum dose," Dr.
What we don't know is how important this vitamin D effect might be or what the optimum dose of vitamin D might be.
The optimum dose for ferric chloride and aluminium sulphate was carried out in this study.
The optimum dose of strontium to protect against osteoporosis appears to be 680 mg/day.
The new data presented here for these 3 parameters enable these relationships to be analyzed in order to determine the optimum dose for C.
The next step will be to progress this to final human trials and determine the optimum dose and dosing regime to further enhance the vaccine's efficacy.
This dose is close to the optimum dose of 100 mSv/y.

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