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The tendency to look on the bright side of everything, to believe that there is good in everything.
[L. optimus, best]


1. The philosophical doctrine that this world is the best possible one.
2. The personal characteristic of regarding only the bright side of a condition or event and of expecting a favorable result.
See: pessimism


n attitude cultivated by an individual in which he or she believes in the positive resolution of a stressful event. In particular, persons with this mindset will use focused, externalized, and nonpersisting terms to describe his or her specific situation. Studies have shown that patients who are diagnosed with a chronic disease and adopt an optimistic attitude have improved health status.
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Positive Thinking: Thou shalt think big and optimistically.
Its occupancy rate, once a steady 85 percent, moved optimistically from zero when I arrived.
Smith offers us an optimistically urban and hilarious look at life through the eyes of some seriously funny characters.
Fukuyama argues optimistically that not only have we gotten it right in the past, we will continue to do so in the future.
Retail buyers are looking ahead optimistically to the fourth quarter.
I have always tried to get along with the capitalist system, or "late" capitalist system, as the theorists optimistically describe it.
American soldiers, therefore, had every reason to view their future optimistically.
Peoplesoft Inc has tried everything to get its languishing share price up, including farming off its more risky research and development efforts into a separately listed shell company, optimistically named Momentum Business Applications Inc (CI No 3,540).
This has been an incredibly exciting time for us, both as members of the booming real estate industry and principals of our own title agency," said Susan May, who with partners Fern Epstein and Mindy Simon optimistically chose the name Horizon ("because the sky's the limit") just a year ago.
The great blue heron stands poised optimistically in the quiet water by the cattails.
Krasinski's best-known poem, Przedswit (1843; "The Moment Before Dawn"), pictures Poland's partition as a sacrifice for the sins of the entire world but optimistically predicts Poland's resurrection and emergence as a world leader.
Because of her surprising rejuvenation on life many folks suddenly began thinking optimistically about Luella, believing that maybe with the help of Cousin Claire, and God, she just might whip the Big C.

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