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The tendency to look on the bright side of everything, to believe that there is good in everything.
[L. optimus, best]


1. The philosophical doctrine that this world is the best possible one.
2. The personal characteristic of regarding only the bright side of a condition or event and of expecting a favorable result.
See: pessimism


n attitude cultivated by an individual in which he or she believes in the positive resolution of a stressful event. In particular, persons with this mindset will use focused, externalized, and nonpersisting terms to describe his or her specific situation. Studies have shown that patients who are diagnosed with a chronic disease and adopt an optimistic attitude have improved health status.
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The polling body said optimism was 'excellent' in Mindanao at +61, Luzon at +40, Metro Manila at +36, and Visayas at +30.
While China has experienced growing levels of optimism over the past year or so, Japan's break into positive territory is a real sign of change in the region.
Although entrepreneurs are believed to have a high level of optimism that helps them to make the decision to embark on entrepreneurship (Bengtsson & Ekeblom, 2014), there have been few studies conducted in which the relationship between entrepreneurial optimism and new venture performance has been explored.
If you start at an early age, definitely not everything is perfect; there are a lot of challenges to overcome, so optimism helps you to have that perseverance to overcome these challenges.
However there was absence of any relationship between optimism and professional life stress.
The Fishlinger Optimism Index[TM] includes five sub-scores enabling refined analysis of public sentiment.
But for some, their optimism was regional--16 per cent of voters said that they were optimistic about 2016 in the Middle East only, while nine per cent of voters said they were optimistic about South East Asia only.
Optimism in the UK was reinforced by factors such as export prospects rising 11% to 23%, profitability expectations rising 22% to 63%; and rises in the number of companies planning investment in plants and machinery (up 14% to 53%) and research and development budgets (up 8% to 25%).
The present study also investigated the role of learned optimism in relation to social competence.
As a result, neuroscience tells us that optimism is actually an outcome of the brain's inability to code mistakes when evaluating negative events.
Over the course of more than 20 years, Seligman studied how optimism enhances the quality of life and success in nearly every profession, including athletes, insurance salesmen and politicians.
ISLAMABAD -- Optimism boosts overall health but its positive impact on the heart is even greater, the findings showed.