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Celebrating its 29th annual event, the APDA Midwest Optimism Walk is a fundraising event that offers a short walk of up to 1.5 miles (distance is optional), and other family-friendly activities.
The questionnaires that they completed at the start of their respective follow-ups also included items on optimism. Although the two projects used different measures for assessing optimism, the authors note that "prior work has demonstrated [them] to be correlated."
Based on their initial levels of optimism, researchers found that, on average, the most optimistic men and women had an 11% to 15% longer lifespan.
The study team suggested that the findings could point the way towards new interventions that might foster optimism and thereby extend life, such as meditation and certain psychotherapy programs.
Likewise, individuals with greater levels of optimism were more likely to report that they got adequate sleep, slumbering six to nine hours nightly.
While the scientists aren't sure of the exact mechanism through which optimism influences sleep patterns, they hypothesise that positivity may buffer the effects of stress by promoting adaptive coping, which enables optimists to rest peacefully.
However, the optimism index for the current labor market, fell from minus 24.8 in June to minus 25.2 in July, according to the survey.
Across classes, net personal optimism decreased from +51 to + 35 among classes ABC, from +48 to +45 among class D and from +39 to + 32 among class E.
Therefore, optimism may influence social creativity through the chain mediating effect of CSE and hope.
The net optimism about the economy is classified as "excellent" at +32.
KEY MAN: Stefan McKenna Reason for optimism: Have brought in a lot of talented local players from the lower leagues who should seize their chance at this level.