optical surface

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surface, optical 

Surface at which light is either refracted or reflected, or both simultaneously.
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SSI(R) improves the capacity and accuracy of a standard interferometer by measuring subsets of an optical surface and "stitching" those measurements together, creating a map of the entire surface automatically.
Coatings should cover the complete optical surface.
The latest tool in the Metal Cutting Corporation arsenal is the Zygo NewView[TM] 7100 3D Optical Surface Profiler.
Their topics include optics for mechanical engineers, optical surface errors, mechanical stress and optics, analyzing adaptive optics, and the integrated opto-mechanical analysis of a telescope.
The mirror has an unconventional shape because it is part of what ultimately will be a single 25-meter (82-foot) optical surface composed of seven circular segments, each 8.
Dr Susan Blakeney, clinical adviser at the College of Optometrists, explains that keeping the eye moist with tears is particularly important for contact lens wearers, firstly to create a smooth optical surface for light to pass through for clear vision, and secondly to keep soft lenses hydrated.
Reflective optical surface material might appear to be an easier place to find cost reductions than for components such as lamps and ballasts, which cannot be simply eliminated (except, of course, when the high-performance reflector design achieves the necessary illumination to remove a lamp).
where a thin coat of gold is deposited on the mirror's optical surface to increase its reflective properties.
It was also discovered that a conical depression on the optical surface dramatically improved the repeatability.
The structural, mechanical and tribological properties of these samples have been investigated by using a high-temperature pinon-disc machine, 3D optical surface profiler, microhardness tester, X-ray diffraction (XRD), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS).
This structure is considered as a result of the surface melting but it is so weak, that we are able to reach optical surface quality with this new method of laser beam polishing.
Valeo is the first automotive supplier to offer a unique lighting and signaling style, using a new optical surface that spreads light uniformly.

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