optical surface

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surface, optical 

Surface at which light is either refracted or reflected, or both simultaneously.
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From the dispersion Equation (10) we obtain two characteristic frequencies for the acoustic and optical surface modes in the electrostatic approximation:
Yet when an optical surface material is faceted so that it couples the light control from specularity with the minimum light loss that comes with high reflectivity, such that fewer lamps can still achieve the necessary footcandles, then the energy savings are compelling.
It was also discovered that a conical depression on the optical surface dramatically improved the repeatability.
The structural, mechanical and tribological properties of these samples have been investigated by using a high-temperature pinon-disc machine, 3D optical surface profiler, microhardness tester, X-ray diffraction (XRD), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS).
This structure is considered as a result of the surface melting but it is so weak, that we are able to reach optical surface quality with this new method of laser beam polishing.
Utilizing white light interferometry in a compact design, the MarSurf WS 1 optical surface metrology system offers vertical resolution of 0.
This shifted the blemish to a different region of the optical surface.
The nucleic acid detection surface described in these studies was a multilayer optical surface composed of a silicon wafer layered with 515A of silicon nitride applied by plasma vapor deposition and 13OA of a hydrophobic polymer (polydimethylsiloxane; United Chemical Technologies) applied by spin coating.
Initially, the plan was to cast or oven-braze the blank before machining the final optical surface.
Any highly polished optical surface without some kind of reflection reducing coating will mean a loss of light as much as 5 percent by reflection reducing coating will mean a loss of light as much as 5 percent by reflection at each surface in the scope where light either enters or exits the polished glass surface.

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