optical medium

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medium, optical

Any material, substance or space through which light can be transmitted.
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Lakoba, a mathematics professor at UVM, detailed an experimental demonstration of an optical medium in which multiple beams of light can autocorrect their own shapes without affecting one another.
The project investigates the low cost, energy efficient and flexible deployment of such networks, using predominantly installed worldwide graded index multimode fibre (GI-MMF), as the indoor optical medium, and integrated novel photonic array antennas, as adaptive transceivers.
Earth's atmosphere, however, is not a uniform optical medium. Variations in temperature and density create patches of air that deflect or slow the light passing through them.
They are the precursors of a new and different sensibility, and a new relationship of humanity to nature, brilliantly analyzed by Vincent Scully who argues that 'In the Italian garden, water is the awesome gift of the earth; in the French garden, water becomes primarily the optical medium by means of which the sky is reflected'.(7) Scully describes the great canal at Versailles where 'our gaze moves rapidly down the tapis vert, but when it hits the water it literally takes off.