optical isomers

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optical isomers (pˑ·t·kl īˑ·s·merz),

n.pl molecules that comprise an asymmetric carbon atom, exhibit chiral properties, and are able to rotate plane-polarized light in a counterclockwise or clockwise direction. Also called
enantiomers. See also stereoisomer.
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Two other chemical groups are attached to this hexagon, but each can attach at two different angles, resulting in four different versions, or optical isomers.
One particular type of analysis performed more easily and quickly by capillary electrophoresis is the separation of optical isomers.
Considerable NMR work has been done over the past four years by Dawson, since joining the section, in structural characterization of new designer amphetamines as well as in the use of chiral shift reagents to differentiate between optical isomers of both ethical and illicit drugs while simultaneously obtaining molecular spectroscopic evidence to verify the authenticity of the examined substances.