optical interface

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interface, optical

A plane or surface forming a common boundary between two optical media.
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OMRON plans to launch US-made optical interface modules in Japan in spring 2006.
The transceiver meets MSA standard XFP form factor and 10/1G Base PRX30 optical interface requirements.
Digipass 835 is a very user-friendly card reader of which the user-acceptance is guaranteed through the new optical interface which facilitates data transfer from the computer to the card reader in a couple of seconds.
The design engineer doesn't need to spend any time, effort, or resources developing the optical interface as these units are virtually plug-and-play.
3aq serial optical interface standard was developed by the IEEE for the purpose of offering a cost-effective and small form factor compatible 10 Gigabit Ethernet optical links for extended reach applications on 62.
amp; MONZA, Italy -- The Ethernet Alliance, an industry group dedicated to the continued success and expansion of Ethernet technology, today announced that Ethernet Alliance members Excelight/Sumitomo, Fiberxon, Finisar, Fujitsu, Intel, Opnext, and Picolight successfully conducted multi-vendor interoperability testing of 10GBASE-LRM optical interfaces in support of the IEEE Std.
For pricing on the accompanying USB optical interface or HOBOware software, please visit http://www.
Convenient, connector-free data offload - The HOBO Pendant Event offloads data to a PC via a convenient USB-based optical interface, which provides high-speed, reliable data offload in wet environments.
An XFP module has an optical interface on the transmission-circuit side and an electric differential interface called XFI on the equipment side.
These direct optical interfaces will allow a wide range of applications to significantly increase their bandwidth capabilities while also reducing overall system complexity, cost and power.