optical infinity

infinity, optical

In optics, it is the region from which a point on an object sends rays of light which are considered to be parallel onto an optical system. Consequently it forms a clear image in the focal plane of that system. In clinical optometry, 6 metres is usually regarded as infinity.
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Being at optical infinity, their rays are parallel, which makes them ideal compasses.
But the light compass relies critically on the celestial object being at optical infinity.
It really is neat to have that little red dot seemingly hanging in the air at optical infinity.
Tactical aviation HUD images are collimated to focus them at optical infinity (0 diopter), with the intention of allowing pilots to keep their eyes focused (i.
If the effects of micropsia - whatever the cause - are of concern with a HUD focused at optical infinity, then a focal distance of 2.
1985) presented participants with imagery of a runway scene that was collimated to be focused at optical infinity.