optical centre

centre, optical 

That point (real or virtual) on the optical axis of a lens which is, or appears to be, traversed by rays emerging parallel to their original direction. Applied to an ophthalmic lens, it is commonly regarded as coinciding with the vertex of either surface (British Standard). See nodal points; vertex.
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Nick Shell of the Optical Centre NE and an ex-pupil of Easington Comp donated 1,500 pairs of unwanted spectacles to the Lions Club Sight First Campaign
Faller, A direct and sensitive method for positioning the center of mass of the dropping object at the optical centre of the enclosed corner cube in ballistic absolute gravimeters, Metrologia 41, L19-21 (2004).
The Rhymney Optical Centre will open today and will provide NHS and private patients with a full range of services, including eye examinations, spectacles and contact lenses, as well as all schemes under the Wales Eye Care Initiative.
Rhymney Optical Centre can be contacted on 01685 843 077.
Kerr found the biggest problem was with the optical centres of the glasses – the area in a lens you look through and which should be level with your pupils.
A "wavy image" was found on both lenses of one pair sold by Marks & Spencer while glasses from WH Smith had "minor defects" with the alignment of optical centres.
5m [pounds sterling] into its speciality divisions this year to fired an aggressive growth programme in jewellery photo labs and optical centres.
Under the agreement, French Connection and fcuk licence holder Inspecs will supply Asda with designer frames for its 39 optical centres on an official basis.
It is investing heavily in offering services such as petrol retailing and travel agency services, as well as boosting the number of instore restaurants and optical centres.

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