optical appliance

appliance, optical 

Any optical system which is used in conjunction with the eye. Optical appliances include spectacles, contact lenses to correct sight and/or anomalies of binocular vision and also telescopes or microscopes to magnify an object. Syn. optical aid. See optical dispensing; ptosis.
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Checking an optical appliance should start with a visual inspection, which is not explicitly included in the standard, but should be completed first.
Silent Witness will develop and manufacture an optical appliance that integrates with, and improves upon, the current automatic door solution for large industrial and commercial sites.
A lundhi loop is an ideal optical appliance for patients suffering from facial paralysis affecting both the upper and lower lids.
The current poor state of the High Street, with one in nine units standing empty and the creep of pound shops and charity outlets, echoed the figures presented of optical appliance renewal rates stretching to three to four years.
9% and optical appliances, down US$170 million or 9.
You would give advice which may include prescribing, fitting and supplying spectacles and other optical appliances.
They make a diagnosis, give advice and when necessary, prescribe, fit and supply spectacles and other optical appliances.
They fit and supply spectacles, contact lenses and other optical appliances and use apparatus to measure clients for optical aids.
The production of electronics and optical appliances has become the fastest growing processing industry,' said HVB Bank economist Pavel Sobisek.
A range of optical appliances is available to aid effective vision as detailed in Table 2.
Some of those harder to reach areas are covered in this issue, including Optical Appliances and Assessment of Visual Function for optometrists, while dispensing opticians can earn points covering the Low Vision competency.
For those eager to tick off Optical Appliances, Assessment of Visual Function, or Low Vision, fear not, as these will all be covered in the March 7 issue of OT.

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