, opto- , opti- , optico-
Combining forms meaning the eye or vision.
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He added, "We have enhanced our textile testing portfolio with the introduction of Opti-Burst Bursting Strength Tester, which conforms to leading International and Chain-Store Test Methods as well as Opti- Snag Mace Snag Tester and increased the scope of Tensile Testers including Duel Column machines with a capacity up to 10,000 Newtons and above."
Option 1: Maintenance (preventive): 5 years after warranty period pse Opti-8-01 Screen with stereo loudspeaker pse Opti-8-02 3evcam with Opti-8-03 Pse Camera Solution Pse Opti -8-04 0ev126 Pse Opti-8-05 0ev027 Pse Opti-8-06 0ev029 Pse Opti-9-01diffusion of image in full image Pse Opti-9-02 Define areas or groups of broadcast screens Pse Opti- 9-03 Broadcasting videos / playlists by screen area Vari-15-01 Extended warranty + 2 years variant is not compulsory (see Article 2.4 of the Regulation).