opioid antagonist

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o·pi·oid an·tag·o·nist

(ō'pē-oyd an-tag'ŏ-nist)
Examples include naloxone and naltrexone that have high affinity for opiate receptors but do not activate these receptors. These drugs block the effects of exogenously administered opioids (e.g., morphine, heroin, meperidine, and methadone), or of endogenously released endorphins and enkephalins.
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As a full opioid antagonist, XR-NTX can precipitate severe withdrawal, so patients need to be completely detoxified before starting XR-NTX, in contrast to BUP-NX, which patients can start even while still in mild withdrawal.
Naltrexone, another opioid antagonist, is similar to naloxone in that it does not exclusively go to peripheral mu receptors.
(31) Opioid antagonists modified to prevent entry into the CNS (eg methylnaltrexone, naloxegol) are second-line remedies.
(2,3) Preliminary data suggest that treatment with an opioid antagonist also reduces overdose.
Another strategy employs an opioid antagonist that interferes with, reduces or defeats the euphoria associated with abuse.
It's an opioid antagonist, so it blocks the euphoria that you might get when you are using a drug of abuse such as an opioid."
Cases with a history consistent with an opioid overdose that respond to an opioid antagonist but with no traditional opioids detected in the toxicological analysis should be subjected to further investigation for a novel compound.
The implant delivers non-addictive medication Naltrexone, an opioid antagonist that can significantly reduce cravings for opioids and alcohol.
Distribution of the opioid antagonist, Narcan[R], L.
Allows a person or organization acting under a standing order to store and distribute an opioid antagonist, provided they did not request or receive compensation.
Approximately 95% of the naltrexone absorbed is metabolized and converted in its principal active metabolite, 6-beta-naltrexol, a pure opioid antagonist with a longer half life than naltrexone (12.9 hours), which facilitates its longer lasting action.