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A derivative of basic amino acids, produced by crown-gall tumors in plants.
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Poverty, he opined, resulted in discontent and extremism.
Kies, now with the accounting firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers, opined that there is "no evidence" to support the need for a legislative fix.
He opined that the scale of home price increases was a social problem that needed to be addressed through structural change.
Four and a subsequent play, Other People, were first produced in London, where one critic opined that "Shinn is an eccentric and willfully edgy love child of Stephen Sondheim and Woody Allen.
Tax attorneys, however, have opined that if the options are renot affect a calendar-year tax-payer.
The Cola Giants have strayed from the real cola flavor they offered years ago," Corr opined, "and the best sweeteners don't come from a chemical laboratory.
Goldman Sachs' (NYSE: GS) lead banking analyst has opined that JPMorgan Chase (NYSE: JPM) could be worth 25 percent more if it were broken up into four parts.
The panel opined that though the recovery from a knee operation was good, during the tour it was observed that quick movements and pickup with weight particularly on the operated knee is hindering his mobility and requires him to take a few extra steps to balance himself before throwing The medical team and team management have opined that Sohail Tanvir still requires time to attain 100% fitness before he can compete at international level.
Mian Raza Rabbani opined that after becoming the Federal Minister, it would be difficult for him to perform his responsibilities as Chairman Constitutional Reforms Committee impartially.
The National Post opined that the new process is "not enough.
I didn't think we should send our trash somewhere else,'' the mayor opined, without noting how his own home in Brentwood was protected by the City Council just six years ago from the blight of garbage trucks and landfills at potential sites in Mission, Sullivan and Rustic canyons.
HSBC Holdings (LSE: HSBA) has opined that Vietnam needs to boost reforms in order to reduce its reliance on China.