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A derivative of basic amino acids, produced by crown-gall tumors in plants.
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Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire opined that major reserve currencies could become digital currencies soon.
"Malik opined that guns have never been the solution to problems and nobody can bend the government by using it.
Gill opined that forming a political stance must have a base and credibility of worth rather than asking people to support corrupt practices and acts of corruption committed by individuals.
55 per cent female participants and 47 per cent male participants opined that celebrating the day aACoehelps strengthen marital bondsaACA[yen] while 35 per cent females and 46 per cent male participants opined that it was a aACoespecial day to express love.aACA[yen] Among those who said theyaACAOd not celebrate the day post marriage, 43 per cent reasoned that aACoeanniversaries and birthdays are more important days,aACA[yen] while 32 per cent said VDay was aACoejust a marketing gimmick.aACA[yen]
On the other hand, from among rural respondents, about 12 % termed the PM's performance very good and 35% opined it was good.
Paul G Ariku opined that 'The system of government we operate affect the needed development we hope to see.
In 2017, 21% said all of it would be wasted, 39% opined 50% of it would be wasted, 28% said 25% of it would be wasted, 6% said none will be wasted.
The central bank opined that the banks need to increase their capital buffers soon.
Stephen Harper evoked slack-jawed wonderment in Canada's press just prior to this January's election when he opined that our Supreme Court was well stacked with overbearing lefties out to redraw the traditional lines of jurisprudence.
The plaintiff submitted an affidavit of merit from a registered nurse who opined that Nurse Tindall breached the applicable standard of care when administering the Phenergan, and that Nurse Tindall's negligent actions proximately caused the superficial phlebitis, which resulted in a sclerotic vein in the patient's right hand.
Summarizing the real issue, we asked: "Will President Bush continue to kowtow to the demands of internationalist insiders by sacrificing American sovereignty at every opportunity, or will he reassert American independence and move to withdraw the United States from the United Nations, the WTO, the FTAA, and all the other sovereignty-snuffing international organizations we're entangled with?" And we opined: "If the past is prelude, Mr.
The Board's General Counsel issued a July 10, 2002, opinion that opined that an FHC, under section 4(k)(4)(B) of the BHC Act, could provide as a third-party administrator certain listed services to a third-party insurance company in connection with the sale and underwriting of insurance products.