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A derivative of basic amino acids, produced by crown-gall tumors in plants.
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Wes Studi stars as the culturally assimilated Leaphorn - ``This was my first chance to get a kiss on screen,'' he boasts; in his film ``The Last of the Mohicans,'' he opines, a female character ``jumps off the cliff to avoid getting a kiss'' - and Adam Beach (``Windtalkers'') plays Chee, who moonlights as a Navajo healer.
Jami Gertz, employing an accent that wavers from Minnesota to the Bronx to the South, is convincing in the scenes where she's clingy and neurotic (``The men in my life made me feel really out of control,'' she opines, a touch luridly), significantly less so when she's supposed to be funny.
Global Banking News-October 19, 2011--Credit Suisse opines growth in global wealth(C)2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
Opines Stiglitz: "If there was ever a time not to push deregulation further, the nineties was it" -- largely blaming economic problems in finance, telecommunication, and electricity trading on the fact that these sectors "wee all subject to deregulation.
They go to a sperm bank and race to see who can fill their cup first (when informed that each donor gets 60 bucks a pop, so to speak, Kimmel winsomely opines, ``I coulda bought a house'').
O'Toole also opines early on, ``We could sell real estate,'' and it would likely be just as interesting; certainly, it would be less derivative.
Instead, Obst opines that Deep Throat was actually ``a composite character - a combination of the number of brave men and women used by Carl and Bob as sources.
National Capital opines that the product diversification resulting from the potential merger should serve to increase ELAST Technologies' ability to attract capital, thereby reducing the risk of owning stock.