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Han's acupoint nerve stimulator for the treatment of opiate withdrawal syndrome.
The neonatal opiate withdrawal syndrome consists of hypertonia, tremor, agitation and myoclonus.
Withdrawal symptoms (such as muscle tension, muscle cramps, and insomnia) were evaluated with the Short Opiate Withdrawal Syndrome scale, and pain was evaluated with the Huskisson's analogue scale for pain.
During the first week, prescribe 100 mcg of clonidine to avoid opiate withdrawal syndrome, he advised.
Adverse events were limited to the first 2 weeks and included nausea that was manageable by metoclopramide; fatigue; dizziness; heartburn; diarrhea; and opiate withdrawal syndrome.
As a partial opiate agonist, buprenorphine reverses acute and subacute opiate withdrawal syndromes in most patients in a matter of hours.